What is an Outsourced Website?

and why you need one...

Sometimes you need an outsourced solution for your clients. Why?

1 ) Because you're super busy

You've got so much work this month you know you can't deliver on time, but you sure don't want to let your client down either. So you outsource to a website designer (er... me), who can deliver what you need quickly and efficiently. Plus as far as your client is concerned, it's you that made the website. It's even got your company name in the footer. Clever you.

2 ) You want to keep costs down

You may offer website design as a service, but you don't have a full-time, in-house website designer or developer. Because hey, you only get asked to provide a website once in a while, and you're not made of money, right? So outsourcing is a good solution for smaller marketing and graphic design agencies for example, as they want to deliver a full-suite of services for their clients without the costs of permanent staffing.

3) It's not your cup of tea

Sometimes you want to concentrate on the really interesting, meaty projects. So get rid of the jobs that drain you.

How Outsourcing Works

fast, efficient and discrete...

How does an outsourced website service work with Web Melon? I'll make it work for you.

1 ) You maintain your client relationship

Nobody knows your client like you do. You did the marketing, sales and schmoozing, so you get the glory. You handle the client design meetings and the handover. As far as your client is concerned, their website has been made in-house, by you / your team. It will be your / your company's name and link in the website footer credits.

2 ) You have control 

You tell me what your client wants, and that's what I'll deliver. I'll keep you fully informed throughout the design and build process, and you'll have plenty of opportunities to give creative input and feedback until we get it right. You pay me, your client pays you (a bit more). Simple really.

3) Flexible hosting options

Whatever your client's needs, I'll accommodate. I can offer competitively-priced hosting, with you getting full FTP access and regular full database backups to your cloud storage. Or I can build the site and then transfer to your / your client's hosting once the build is complete. You decide.

How I Work

I work mainly with WordPress, I just love it for the flexibility I can offer my clients. That said I have also worked with Go Daddy, Wix, Square Space, Create and EKM, amongst others. I work iteratively, and don't provide static visuals, rather, I make design changes throughout the build, on a live website. Because of this time-saving method of working, you'll be able to keep the costs low for your client. 

I have regular web design outsourcing gigs, working with a couple of local marketing agencies and a graphic design agency, who come to me when they need outsourced help. And I adapt my working style to fit their needs. I can show you some examples of my previously outsourced projects. Call me for an informal chat and see if I can help you.