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Fresh Website Design

I provide fresh, stylish websites designed to your specifications. If you’re stuck for ideas I’ll guide you towards a solution that works specifically for your business…

Online Presence

I can help you with your business logo, corporate stationery, signage, social media appearance, events pages, email design, google maps and more…

Outsourced Web Design

Sometimes you need an outsourced solution for your clients. Whatever the reason I can lighten your load. I’ve built a good reputation as an outsourced web designer. Learn more…

Website Hosting

I offer website and domain email hosting at competitive rates, or you can source your own. There are ongoing annual fees for hosting. Not sure which way to go? Find out more…

Web Melon

Do you ever get confused by 'developer-speak'?
Are you looking for a designer who you can really talk to?

I'll NEVER bamboozle you with tech-talk: I promise I will always explain everything in plain and easy to understand good old fashioned English!

Web Melon and me

Hello, I'm Natalie Harris of Web Melon. Nice to meet you.
Natalie Harris, Web Melon

Modern and stylish websites: delivered with no mess, no fuss, and no tech-talk!

About Me

I am based in Exmouth in Devon, with two children, a cat, two fish, 20+ stick insects and a husband (not necessarily in that order).

I design websites because I really enjoy it: not only do I get to be creative, I also have more contact with people than you’d imagine for a computer geek. Plus I get to do lots of study to stay ahead of the curve - which I love.

So how did I get here? Well, oddly enough I used to be a Chemistry Teacher, which is pretty far removed from Web Design! A few years back I started becoming interested in designing websites and discovered I had a knack for it - I helped friends and family with Wordpress sites and hosting. I got some great feedback, did 3 years further practice and decided to make Web Design my career. A handful of web development and design courses and a couple of stiff drinks later, I set up Web Melon last year. It's going well so far - lovely clients that keep me very busy. I could get used to it!

Natalie Harris, Web Melon, lives and works in Exmouth, Devon

Aside from Web Melon, my other projects include co-running a local Devon business support network, providing business and personal development training (an opportunity for me to flex my teaching muscles), an annual conference, and monthly business networking opportunities.

  • No techy-talk!

    Unless you want it... otherwise you'll only get comprehensive explanations from me!

  • Attention to Detail

    No need to get bogged down - I'll worry about the little things for you!

  • The Website *YOU* wish for

    All design options will be discussed with you ensuring you get what YOU want.

  • Modern | Responsive | SEO | Mobile Optimised

    The studying never stops! I keep up with the latest in trends and protocol.

    How I Work

    I build great relationships with my clients and get to know their business really well, in order that I can create the ideal website that really serves them and drives the traffic they deserve.

    After an initial meeting in which I get to understand my clients needs, budget and objectives, I provide a quote and fresh ideas for the best strategy moving forward, and then work closely with my clients throughout the creation process.

    Because I have a genuine desire to empower people to take technology by the horns and do it themselves, I offer clients the option of ‘Editing Training’ (they take ownership of their website if they want to), or my ongoing website management service (if they’re too busy working on their business!).


What my clients say...

Web MelonI'm thorough: I've got an eye for design and a mind for logic.
Throughout the creation process
I pay special attention to:

▪ Intuitive layout and easy navigation
▪ Visual appeal
▪ Search Engine Optimisation (S.E.O.)
▪ Mobile (smartphone) Optimisation
▪ Conversion of your website visitors to grow your list

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